“I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE WHERE PALM TREES GROW BECAUSE ALL THE REST FOLLOWS:  THE HEAT, THE LIGHT, THE TURQUOISE BLUE WATER AND THE WHITE SANDY BEACHES…” Marilyn Band was born in Belfast, brought up in Buckinghamshire. She studied Graphic Design at Buckinghamshire University and trained in  life drawing in Florence. In 1979 she sailed with her husband Nick to Southeast Asia where she set up a studio in Phuket, Thailand.  Starting with custom designed T/Shirts she soon became well known to  the participants and audience of the King’s Cup Regatta, a prestige  sailing Regatta in Southeast Asia, selling her nautical inspired designs,  as well as illustrating the daily regatta newspaper. Gradually painting  took over and she now paints full time in either watercolour or oil. Inspired by the Indian Ocean Archipelagos, Indonesian Islands and  Phuket her paintings show the charm of the islands and its people. Being  the daughter of a stained glass artist definitely influenced her vibrant  sense of colour. Marilyn has held Exhibitions in Phuket, Thailand and  Brittany, France. When not exploring the archipelagos of the Indian Ocean by yacht,  Marilyn and her husband divide their time between Phuket and the  north coast of Brittany, France.   
The Artist